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Crepes in Nashville??  Yes… and not just in one location, but 2!! The Red Bicycle originated in Chapel Hill North Carolina, and they have branched out into Middle Tennessee.  The original Nashville location is in Germantown, and now with a second location in Woodbine off of Nolensville Rd near Berry […]

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    Adele’s: Located in The Gulch area of Nashville, Adele’s was voted one of Nashville’s 10 BEST. This “Farm-to-Fork” spot is housed in the old Universal Tire Center and has an industrial yet comfortable vibe, and was actually named after Chef Waxman’s late mother, Adele. The large open space […]

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Steve’s State of the Market – January 2018

The BIG story to start the year is the rising mortgage rates.  Rates remained relatively flat for much of 2017, but with the 10-yr Treasury Bonds at an all-time high and the economy seemingly kicking into an even higher gear, mortgage rates are beginning to spike…up about a quarter of […]

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Vantastic Video – Top 5 Places to Shop

One of the most asked questions we get at CHORD Real Estate is where does Van shop for our staging furniture? We can’t give away all of our secrets, but Van finally agreed to disclose 5 of his favorites. So here they are. Enjoy! [Transcript] I’m Van Hohe. I’m one […]

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Tony’s Top 10 list of business reads for 2018 (that can make you appear smarter, richer and even a little more popular at parties).

Reading is essential - Jim Rohn

Hello friend and fellow reader. As we closed out the year (and took a minute to rest and reflect before hitting ‘reset’ to charge into 2018), I reviewed some of my favorite non-fiction reads from the past 12 months. Though I consumed many great books in 2017, this is my […]

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Spring Haven – An Opportunity filled with History, Beauty and Love

I have lived in Hendersonville for just over twelve years, and in that time have come to love and cherish this lakeside community to the north of Nashville. Don’t get me wrong, Nashville is and always will be what drew me to Tennessee, but Hendersonville provides a sanctuary from the […]

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