October 5, 2017

Nashville Brunch Blog – Maggianos


Why I LOVE living in Nashville, Tennessee!

Each week I will feature a different Nashville Hot Spot that I personally visit. THE Nash-Vegas “Who’s-Who” for a Breakfast-Lunch Combo… The BEST meal ever created in my humble opinion: BRUNCH. This meal has become an event to look forward to on the weekends, and with several years experience in the catering and restaurant business, I’ve enjoyed hosting many brunches of my own with delights such as French toast bread pudding with maple sauce, candied bacon, varieties of quiche and gourmet soups.  My own wedding reception was even a Brunch Theme which was so much fun. I hope to share the places I visit with you so that you can then go experience for yourself with family and friends, and enjoy all that Nashville has to offer.

I fondly remember special brunches as a little girl – one in particular where as a 5 year old I indulged in a giant blueberry muffin while sitting in the lap of my great Aunt Ann.  It was not the average out-of-a-package blueberry muffin, but the made-from-scratch crumbly-topped, bursting-fresh blueberry flavor kind sitting in a window-filled sunroom in a hotel restaurant in Santa Barbara, California.

As an adult I now love to visit the best of the best.  I feel pampered whenever I have brunch.  It’s a special time for me… an experience and not just a meal.  I’ve had the most delectable Eggs Benedict Scramble served on a fresh buttery croissant with scrambled eggs, delicious Whisky Bloody Mary, Bruschetta that is out-of-this world “smack-your-mama amazing” and so much other deliciousness that I just have to share!  In this blog we will experience and explore the “Joy of Brunch”, but especially the food enjoyed on the weekends with girlfriends, your love,  or your family (not just on Sunday) – Nashville Brunches.


I've had brunch in many cities… Chicago, L.A., New York, Cincinnati… just to name a few, and I am so excited that Nashville has its own amazing selection of eateries and restaurants.  Since I live here it's seriously possible to go every weekend for a year straight without repeating.

I usually prefer non-chain restaurants, but this week's pick was a pleasant surprise to my sometimes food-snobby palate.  Maggiano's Little Italy was recommended by a friend, and it was a great choice to my delightful surprise.

I think it may be one of Nashville's best kept brunch secrets, because we didn't have to wait for a table.  That's usually not a good sign; however, in this case it may have just been lucky timing, because by the time we finished our meal it was pretty crowded.

What We Ordered


Bruschetta Bar – Braised Pear with prosciutto & ricotta and Fig with Candied Bacon, Arugula & Ricotta and Zuccini Fritte with lemon aoli.  Every single bite left me wanting another.  The bruschettas looked so delicious that we cut them in half so that we could each get a taste of the flavors.  The zucchini was breaded and fried, but still had a light texture.


The Bloody Mary is a Brunch beverage staple and this Whisky based with brown sugar rim and blue cheese olive did not disappoint… in fact it was probably one of the best Bloody Mary's I've ever had.

Main Course

Braised Beef with pappardelle and Eggplant Parmesan were the Entrees of choice.  The Beef dish was tender and very comforting as well as the eggplant. The servings are hearty so they can easily be shared for those with a lighter appetite.  We actually took home enough food for a second meal, because Maggiano's menu offers take home plates when you order certain items (this made brunch even more enjoyable knowing we were getting a “2-for”).


Dessert was included, and so I asked our server for the most popular dessert selection.  He recommended Gigi's Butter Cake with honey mascarpone cheese and fresh strawberries.  It was brought to the table warm with 2 spoons to share.  I'm a sucker for warm desserts so this won me over instantly.

Maggiano's is located at 3106 West End Ave, Nashville, TN 37203 with seating for large groups as well as for an intimate meal.  Check it out!

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