October 3, 2017

Fall Horseback Riding in Tennessee

Nothing beats the fall foliage in Tennessee; bold reds, warm oranges, pale yellows and deep browns usher in the cooler temps and make everything feel cozy. What better way to enjoy the seasonal transition than on horseback?

If you're a horse lover, the question isn't whether or not to ride – it's WHERE to ride?

If you’re looking for something North of Nashville, you’ll want to check out Long C Trails in Westmoreland. The owners are very friendly and the miles of trails are split between Tennessee and Kentucky. You can rent their horses by the hour or bring your own and pay a small fee to use their trails.

Headed West? If so, then Natchez Trace Stables is your ideal place. Located in Primm Springs (halfway between Fairview and Spring Hill), this family owned and operated stable offers beautiful trail rides for any level of rider through the rolling Tennessee hills and crystal clear springs.

If East of Nashville is your preferred area, then you’ll really enjoy Juro Stables in Mt. Juliet. All of Juro’s horses are rescue horses that have found a new life by becoming trained trail horses in the beautiful hills of Wilson County. Juro also offers early bird rates for morning rides.

Maybe you’re more interested in driving South, if so then Pinnacle Stables in Christiana is the perfect place for you. With 8+ miles of trails, numerous trail horses and experienced trail leaders available to guide you through the scenic hills of Middle Tennessee, you just can’t lose.

Make sure to call ahead to any of the above locations and speak with the trail manager(s) to make your reservations!

Happy Trails!

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